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Wordle Map Game (Jan 2023) Learn How To Play The Game?

This article discusses the Wordle Map game called Worldle. This is a fun geography game from Wordle.

Are you a natural geography expert? This is one of your favorite courses. you will definitely like the map and description if you answered correctly. This account may provide information about online games that match your interests.

Today’s article may be about a well-received portal game. People around the world want to know more about the latest version of this popular game. Read on for all the details on Worldle, the Wordle card game.

What is Worldle?

Worldle can be a regional challenge where players have to guess the name of a region or town region. Players must guess the name of the country or region that supports the map. Worldle will be created by a game developer called tetuuf, which is the same as Ko-Fi. This game will be a sequel to Wordle.

Wordle has been a popular and popular game all over the world since its inception. Wordle is a good semiconductor diode for many applications. Wordle also created Nerdle for science lectures, Heardle for music and Squirdle for Pokemon. The Worldle World Map game was marketed as Worldle.

How to play Worldle

To support the advanced map display, the land change can be predicted daily. The time when the user installed the game was 00:01 according to his device. The system selects the region or country. The country equivalent may be in the market on different days.

The goal is to evaluate the country in the forecast. The system can display some parameters after each prediction so that players can guess successfully. These constraints surround the location and direction of the predicted site from the target site. The Wordle world map game shows distances in miles. However, players change it to display miles instead. The associate will be the first to point you in the direction.

In sports, the balance is released for better control of the plan, the closer the guess is to the correct answer. division by zero indicates that the forecast is for a completely different part of the country. Players can check their stats (such as streaks, average distance, etc.) in the tab in the upper right corner.

Is there a companion app for the Wordle card game?

Worldle does not have a mobile app. in the classifieds section of Worldle, the developer said that he did not create the attached application. The developer also advises users to avoid such apps as they may be platforms.

However, if the user wants to play on their phone, they can do so by clicking on the icon in the top left corner of the screen. Click on the phone icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Follow the steps to load the page on your smartphone.


The Wordle Map game is loved by many users, as can be seen in the Ko-Fi developer profile. This game will be a good daily challenge for those who like this area. Wordle likes this game, but there are many different options, such as the proximity comparison.

Have you ever seen the game Worldle? Share your knowledge in the section below.



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