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If you can’t figure out how to get to Tornado Island, there is the Elden Ring Crumming Forum, also known as Azula.

Azula’s Pharum Ravine is the main focus of Ring of Elden. You’ll see this region mentioned in other articles or headlines and wonder how to get there.

You should definitely watch the end of the story. This is a late game area that can be reached by defeating the boss on top of the Giant Mountain.

Ring of Elden is full of surprises and will be in the game! Each new area of the game will reveal secrets, dungeons, tombs and various treasures to collect.

The process of going to Tornado Island known as Azula Farm

How to get to the tornado island in Elden Ring

1. Defeat the fire giant boss.

You have to fight the Giant Big Boss fire in the giant region in the southeastern part of the mountain.

He is a strong boss. The last survivors of the battle. A flame giant is a giant humanoid creature with a face that can be found atop Flame Peak, the mountain of the giants.

This is not an election manager; You must win to go to the Forge of Giants. The fire is big and scary. It is known to be very dangerous and difficult.

Expect him to miss 5-10 times, and unless you’ve been very lucky lately, learn his attacks and dodge them with a laugh as he struggles to deal with you and your creepy friend. Don’t believe the hype; It’s easier than it seems!

2. Use the Giants Forge to reach the ruined Pharum Azul.

After defeating the fire giant, go to the chains in the forge. At the top of the ramp, follow the path to the left, climbing the high walls without slipping.

Finally, there is a beautiful place called ‘Giant’s Forge’. He decided to sit down and talk to Melina. They are asking you to commit a cardinal sin.

If you agree to do Cardinal C, he’ll play a forest-burning sequence before teleporting to Azula’s Crumming Forum.

On the other hand, Melina will not help you achieve this if you are in a relationship with number three.

Instead, when you rest in the Forge of the Giants of Grace, select ‘Sounds the Fire’ and you’ll play a new ankle show, but it will send you to the same area as Azula’s Crumming Forum.

Remember, once you reach Crumming Pharum Azul, you will be stuck there until you fill up the favor points.

If you get in a good position, you can easily go back to another part of the map.

Another tip: After the fight with Mack at the end of Forum Azula, make sure to get Gransax’s legendary bolt before you can’t get it.

Farum Azul another ruined path before the Ring of Elden

If you don’t take the road to the top of the giant mountains, there is still a road to the Azul Crumming Forum.

From the lake, the first entrance under the four bells of Liurnia leads to a small room signed by Farum Azul. However, you cannot enter other countries.

What’s the best thing about coming to Dragon Island in the Elden Ring?

Dragon Isle is a beautiful place in the Ring of Elden, a special lodge where you can learn many rich and powerful new spells. Although the island looks beautiful, it is not easy to find.

It takes some work to get there, and there are many players who want to know what it takes to get there.

Are you one of those people? Well, I have a great guide for you. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about traveling to Dragon Island via the Ring of Elden.

How would you get to Winged serpent Island in the Ring of Elden?

To go to Mythical serpent Island on the Elden Ring, you should initially investigate the courses to Dim Point on the central area. Assuming you do, you will get a message expressing that the lost blessing has been found. Sympathy will lead you more profound into the cavern.

Further into the cavern you will experience more foes. Since this cavern is exceptionally dim, I suggest bringing an electric lamp.

At the point when you experience these adversaries, you have the choice of battling and killing them, or going straight through. You have a decision. In any case, important killing these beasts will give you more runes.

Subsequent to overcoming every one of the foes, you will be taken to a room close to the cavern. We ask that you shine on the glimmering brilliant light prior to continuing with this segment.

This will assist you with gathering Istvan the Senior Knight. This ride will assist you with assuming control over the initiative.

You want to track down the knight close to you and gradually kill every one of the workers. When you move beyond them, you’ll confront two supervisors. In view of their forcefulness, these devil managers are challenging to overcome. Have the knight utilize his insights to overcome these deadbeats.

Subsequent to overcoming the two foes, go to the rear of the room until you see a huge alternating mainstay of white light. Try not to move toward this support point as it will lead you to the cavern entrance.

All things being equal, go on over the course of the evening. This will take you to another channel. Here you need to cut foes.

Killing these adversaries and propelling will take you to the entry to Mythical beast Island. Indeed, you read that accurately! This is on the grounds that the cavern you at first enter is entirely of the passages that stretch out under the ocean and onto the actual island.

It’s just as simple as that. This is the essential to the Elden Ring on Winged serpent Island. As may be obvious, it is extremely fascinating. Notwithstanding the opportunity to overcome destructive rivals, you will likewise find another mysterious way.


This is about how to get to Cyclone Island Also known as Farum Azula and the remains of Winged serpent Island in the Ring of Elden. This guide will help you. You can likewise peruse how to fly our elden ring.



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