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Mamajimart Reviews (Feb 2023) Is It A legit Portal?

Do you like online shopping? Do you buy clothes, gadgets? Mamajimart online store is in the search results.

Mamajimart’s sells the most popular product genres in India like clothes, accessories. But now you are wondering – how reliable is the website, how good is their service and how good is the quality of their products. These are the basic and often overlooked questions you may face when buying a new site for the first time.

What’s on the Mamajimart website?

Mamajimart is actually an Indian shopping portal headquartered in Gujrat. The site’s business covers a number of popular genres – clothing, produce, food and vegetables. While reviewing the site, we noticed that the interface lacked a professional touch. This is an unprofessionally designed portal with Google ads not usually seen in popular retail locations. Also, her collection of these products is limited, so if you’re interested, buy a smaller variety.

Is Mamajimart really legit? Before adding a product to your shopping cart, you should read this article to know some important aspects of your website. The site sells new products at reasonable prices, but the product descriptions are vague.

The results are as follows:

• URL info:

• Location: T-303, Polaris-Mall Building, Surat-Gujarat-395010

• Contact: 91-8799499279

• Call time: not specified.

• Contact:mamajimart@g

• Return Notice: Returns must be made within a few days of receipt of goods or this opportunity will be forfeited.

• Cancellation information: This can be used for shipping.

• Shipping cost: No fixed shipping cost is shown.

• Social media link – Social network link not found.

• Attention: I don’t see any comments on Mamajimart’s website.

• Shipping area: Delivery location in India.

• Production Time: Delivery takes 3-7 business days to complete.

• Payment options: wallet, online banking, cash and gift cards.

• Refund Availability: The refund process takes approximately seventy business days.

• Replacement or modification: not necessarily mentioned.

What makes a website popular with customers?

• The goods are offered at reasonable prices.

• Payment can be made and collected in any way.

Do you know the warning flags on the site?

• Terrible index account.

• Do not check stores that advertise “Mamajimart Legit” unless otherwise stated.

• No proof of affiliation with a press network.

• The address is not completely legal.

• No details on delivery charges or exchange policies.

• There is a lot of plagiarism in his writing.

Is the site genuine?

If you are thinking of using any new website for the first time, we recommend that you check the accuracy first and then decide to withdraw cash. The same rules were required by Mamajimart. If you haven’t checked, don’t worry, we’ve done the research and found the facts.

• The website is still young, with a launch date of April 2, 2021.

• Mamajimart reviews cannot be collected.

• The percentage of the index is dangerous. He was advised that he was too young and promised to receive only one percent of the index.

• Network usage is not accepted.

• is a registered website name.

• Analysis shows that the portal has 46% shared information and 43% duplicate content.

• More than 1,000 books have been identified as lost.

• The address is a partial command.

• No failed link detected.

• You can buy several different payment methods.

The website does not meet several important criteria, indicating that it may be a very suspicious portal.

What exactly is the customer feedback of Mamajimart?

Site and website search does not find any stores. Although it has been out of print for a long time, there should be some ideas. Otherwise, his words cannot be safe.

In addition, they have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., which are necessary to build credibility for the new website and reach a potential audience. relations with media systems such as In addition, none of the comments are posted on review portals such as TrustPilot.

Last Word:

Mamajimart is not a legitimate clothing shopping portal because there are many loopholes like Mamajimart reviews, terrible index, missing link in media channel and questionable address.



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