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Kuahl Reviews {February 2023} Check The Details Here!

A good review provides honest information about a website and proves its legitimacy when it comes to business issues.

Looking for beauty products? Looking for cheap furniture? Everyone in the United States and around the world loves a good website with a variety of products to sell.

Learn more about the site, which has a variety of products from kitchen appliances to Halloween decorations. In this Qual Review page, we discuss the features, pros, cons and reliability of this site.

Site Information

Qual is a website that sells many different products online. The main aim of this online store is to provide products at affordable prices so that even the poorest people can afford these products. They claim to provide products to customers at reasonable prices. You can also safely buy from this site.

The products they sell are cheap.

  • Hamilton is a character. Stainless steel percolator. Hamilton is a character.
  • The heart of the reading mug holds
  • Coffee/tea capsules from Berghof
  • Electric milk shaker
  • The coffee machine
  • Handware, furniture and cutlery
  • Jewelry accessories


The digital age is full of risks and dangers, so it is important to know Qual Legit and identify malware or fake sites. This guide will help you understand the legal aspects of Qual.

  • Customers can visit
  • Email:
  • Phone: 470-207-2246 1 877-313-5090
  • Address: 4166 Buford Highway North Atlanta, GA 30345-1018.
  • Social Media Features: Special icons for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Their relationship is not good. That means it doesn’t work on social media.
  • Privacy Policy: Their privacy policy has been updated
  • Kuahl Customer Reviews No customer reviews received
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping for US residents, but this is only available for regular shipping. Standard shipping usually takes 3 to 5 days, while express shipping only takes two days, so customers pay for fast delivery.
  • Return policy: When returning the product, customers must return it within 30 days from the delivery date. Customers must present the product manual and certificate upon return.
  • Return Policy: Items eligible for return will be returned. The payment date will vary depending on the payment method.
  • Additional payment options include PayPal and credit cards

Although there are no reviews of Qurl, the website looks familiar, but it is a shop for many products. Therefore, it is important to study it in depth.

Good content

  • Area comparison. Even people with little money can afford this kind of electronic equipment.
  • Standard shipping is free on all purchases.
  • A complete description of the product is included in the documentation.

Good content

  • They do not do business related to their products.
  • They offer more than 1,000 products, but they are not divided into different categories, which means that it is difficult to find all the products.

Assessment of legitimacy

Which is legit? We have to do some very important testing to make sure it’s correct. This is to determine the process of the site. Quahul Station.

  • Qual website was created on September 17th, this name is about 2 years old.
  • Domain Expiration Date: Site expires on 09/17/2022 with only one month left
  • Domain Name: The site is registered with Namecheap .inc
  • Data security is ensured by HTTPS authentication and SSL certificate with 256-bit SSL certificate to protect customers’ personal information.
  • The confidence level is 45%.
  • Customer Reviews: Good reviews are not on their official website
  • SEO Score 71%
  • Global Alexa Rank: 1701523
    deleted content 12% of their content was stolen
  • Company Name: Quarle Home Supply

Review summary

They sell almost 1000 items but I haven’t seen any reviews on any of the items. There is another category called “Best Seller”. We couldn’t find any customer reviews or ratings in the “Best Sellers” column.

The page is nearly two years old with no comments. Therefore, it is difficult to know its true authenticity. For more information, readers are advised to read our article on credit card fraud.


Toto Kuahl provided an extensive review of the site. We can’t vouch for the site’s authenticity, but it has a good credibility score with unique content and a high SEO score.

But I couldn’t find any reviews about their products. Even though it’s only two years old, the site doesn’t get a single testimonial from its customers. Readers of the website can also read about PayPal scams in the report. Maybe the website is not true. For more information.

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