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Is Trike a Wordle Word {Feb 2023} Read To Know Here!

The instructor explains the word TRIKE five times to the audience. Try Wordle Word.

Can you figure out how to fix Wordle #396 posted on July 20, 2022? Many people in Canada, USA, Canada and UK have successfully completed the task using the given tokens.

Based on the clues given, TRITE is the July 20 Wordle result and most players guessed it correctly. Finding the word from THREE Most players can choose TRIKE as the correct answer to Wordle #396. Many players are confused and want to know if Trick is a real Wordle and the correct answer to Wordle #396.

Is trike the right word?

Well, the word TRIKE is a literal word with an important meaning. However, this is not the correct answer to question #396. The answer is TRIKE, the question people predicted on July 20, 2022.

Based on the clues given, the answer to Wordle #396 starts with THREE so most participants will think it’s TRIKE because it should start with THREE. The idea behind it is a tricycle and starts with the letters THREE. So players choose the word to answer the question on July 20.

Trick appears as a keyword. How do I get it? Is this the correct answer for Wordle #3696?

After being online and offline, we discovered that Wordle #3696 was released on July 20th. There are many clues that most people have the right answer. The clues indicate that the fifth word to answer question #396 begins with the letters THREE.

Players believe the answer is TRIKE, meaning tricycle. However, this is not the correct answer because TRITE is the correct answer. Since the word begins with THREE, many players believe that TRIKE is the correct answer.

Many players thought that TRIKE was the answer to this question, so some players started searching the internet to see if TRIKE was a real word. The word TRIKE is considered a correct wordle because it is a motorcycle, but it is not a correct solution to puzzle #396.

What does the word TRIKE mean?

Trick is a popular Wordle puzzle among players because many of them have found the word to solve puzzle number 396. The challenge is to find the word that starts with three and five letters. Therefore, many people chose a trick as the answer and some wanted to know if this is the correct answer to the puzzle, and if a trick is literal.

After researching the matter, we decided that TRIKE, which translates to bicycle, was an acceptable Scrabble word. However, this is not the correct answer to puzzle number 396. There is a discussion among the players, because most Wordle players assumed to solve the puzzle.


Wordle 396 was released on July 20, 2022. Players must find five words that start with THREE. Many people think that TRIKE is the answer, but they are wrong because TIRE is the real solution. Since many players think they know the answer, everyone starts searching for the required word. What is a trike? Is that really a word? language. The word TRIKE is word of mouth, but it is not the correct solution to the puzzle.

Which words will you choose for 396 puzzles? Share in the comments section.



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