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Is Mm49mall com Legit {Feb 2023} Check The Details Here!

Read this article to find out the answer to your question. is a legitimate business-related online store that sells shoes and clothing for women, men and children.

Does your child want to wear braces? Looking for the best invisible socks? Looking for a comfortable top? Are you looking for a future market to buy these products? If so, check out this article immediately.

Today’s report presents facts that prove the legitimacy of online shopping sites. Customers from all over the world are eager to find this website because of its authenticity. So read to the end to find out your question. is a legitimate business.

Is legit?

In this article, we have described the details needed to verify the legitimacy of a site.

  • HTML0 Website Age Website Age This web platform is only half an hour old. The website was launched by the team on 31 July.
  • The trust index for the site is 11 percent, which is a very poor trust score.
  • Social Media Links You may see Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter icons at the top of the
  • Social Media Links page, but it’s misleading. Icons open user profiles, not storage accounts.
  • The Alexa Records Rank of 278458 is an average rank.
  • Customer Reviews Mm49mall does not have a review section so customers cannot write their reviews.
  • Checking points of contact You can see part of the US map. on the contact page, but nowhere else.
  • An incomplete design “New Achievement” link shows no results.
  • No Product Classification Products without a product classification are not classified in the Best Seller category.
  • Creation date error Creation date error Our analysis indicates that this website was only created in two weeks. However, the publication date in the About Us section of the website is 2018.
  • The developers did not provide information or conditions for return or return of the product due to lack of policy.

These facts cast doubt on the legitimacy of this site. However, in the current situation, it is impossible to assess the legitimacy of

What is is an internet based shopping website that sells clothes and shoes for men, women and children. The clothing range includes items such as yoga pants, tops, socks, jeans. A) The footwear category includes orthotic shoes, clogs, or sandals.

Detailed description

  • Type of Platform Type of Platform An online shopping platform that focuses on clothes and footwear for all ages, including children.
  • Online Store Address –
  • Physical address not specified.
  • The phone number was lost
  • Email – The Mm49mall com is legit.
  • Social Media Links Social Media Links Fake and Lost.
  • Prices of products stated in USD.
  • This is clearly stated in the Privacy Policy
  • There are no terms of use.
  • Optional arrangement not included.
  • Shipping Guidelines Shipping time is seven to nine days and shipping is free on orders over $35.
  • Return and Return Policy – No deadline for product return or credit refund.
  • Filter part – not included.
  • PayPal Payment Channels


  • The children’s shoes collection is full of beautiful designs.
  • The team briefly outlined all the key details in the privacy policy.

Anti Highlight Again Legit?

  • The team made the mistake of displaying social media icons on the landing page. These badges are associated with user login profiles, not storage accounts.
  • This has no effect on the newly achieved link.
  • Manufacturers were not subjected under any group. These elements are spread over three pages.
  • The physical location of the address is not shown on the map. In addition, the domain name of the email address is not correct. Additionally, no contact phone numbers are listed anywhere on this website.
  • The site is incredibly innovative.

Mm49mall review

Couldn’t find any sites mentioned in the popular comment forums. This means customers don’t trust the store enough to check it out. Therefore, there are no customer reviews that we can review and assess the credibility of the site. Also, the lack of store reviews makes it difficult to obtain relevant opinions. Therefore, knowing how to get a refund from PayPal in case There are frauds to be helpful when investigating these new sites.

Final Decision

The platform looks suspicious based on the information provided. Although it is true that knowing if Mm49mall is legitimate or not is impossible due to its current state. We recommend that you learn about credit card refund policies to ensure you are on the lookout for fraud cases. You can also learn more about the benefits of wearing a power plug.

Do you think this stage is real or not? Write your thoughts on the next section.



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