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Is Lightbrella Legit {Jan 2023} Read The Details Here!

Check out this article to answer your questions. Lightbrella is a legitimate e-commerce platform because it offers custom shades.

Do you find it difficult to walk in dark streets? When does it rain at night? Wouldn’t it be nice to see an umbrella light up by itself? If so, read this article without hesitation.

Today’s article is about the credibility of websites that offer new and valuable products. Customers in the US are happy to find such products, but they want more information on this site. So be sure to read till the end to know if Lightbrella is legit or not?

Is Lightbrella genuine?

The information in this section will help answer your question. After reading these terms and conditions, you can have more confidence in the authenticity of this transaction.

  • Website Age This website is due to reach its one-month goal and approximately twenty-nine days have passed. This website was created by a developer on August 3, 2022.
  • The portal has a trust score of -1%, which is a very low trust score.
  • Alexa ranked 94568059456805 which is a very unsatisfactory score.
  • Contact information missing The team did not provide contact information on the given page. The data protection statement has the address of the responsible person, but the address is the place of residence.
  • Review Lightbrella – No customer reviews for the products offered in this store.
  • Social media links Social media links Social media links are not displayed on this site.
  • Bad website design – The designer did not choose the right colors for the user interface.
  • The black and white palette made it difficult to read the sorting menu.
  • Copyright information is disputed – the group has not disclosed the year of the copyright symbol.
  • The Double Refund Policy states that they do not accept returns or process refunds. The next paragraph contradicts this statement and deals with late fees.
  • Duplicate Post’s refund policy and privacy statement includes “add here” text to indicate duplicate content.

These facts beg the question: Is Lightbrella legal? Our review shows the site is suspicious, but considering the legality, it’s not a good idea at this time.

What is Lightbrella?

Lightbrella is an online marketplace that sells individually designed umbrellas. The umbrellas are equipped with LED lights to keep people safe on rainy nights. The sides of the product have LED strips that improve visibility on a dark road.


  • Site Type Site Type An online store offering unique umbrella styles.
  • Platform address –
  • Phone number – not specified
  • Email – nothing
  • Physical Location – 1200 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles, California-90015, United States
  • Social Media Links – No, this can be a critical factor in determining if Lightbrella is legit.
  • Terms – About
  • How to assemble – OK
  • Privacy Policy – Now
  • Filter field – nothing
  • Payment options include Diners Club, Discover, Visa, Amex, MasterCard, JCB and Apple
  • Pay debit or credit cards.
  • Delivery terms Delivery terms are usually 12-21 days.
  • Product price expressed in USD
  • Information about returns and refunds The group does not have a return or refund policy due to product shortages.


  • Innovators create new and useful products.
  • The product description contains information.

The negatives surrounding Lightbrella are justified.

  • The site is the only product of its kind that does not change in size and color.
  • The license plate does not show the year the store was built.
  • The team accidentally added a privacy policy to the return policy name.
  • There are inconsistencies in this refund policy. The first section states that the group does not accept returns. In addition, many sections of the refund and privacy statement contain an “add here” text that describes the wording.
  • The store is new and it is difficult to support it.

Lightbrella observations

Most of the major review sites do not explicitly mention this site or its products in their user descriptions. We believe that customers do not know or trust the store. This can cause inconvenience to customers. Also, no customers have mentioned this product. This makes it difficult to verify the authenticity of products, packages, and even consumer products, so we recommend that you understand how to get a refund from PayPal if you’ve been caught in a scam.


Our research shows some confusion about the platform, but claiming that Lightbrella is legitimate is the first step, so it’s recommended that you research the steps you can take to avoid credit card fraud on your own. Want to know about the different types of umbrellas? and select the type you want to buy.

Do you think this store is trustworthy? Do you agree?



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