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Is Broaded Scam or Legit {Jan} Know The Details Here!

To avoid being scammed, look for Is Broaded Scam or Legit book, where you can also find reliable and relevant information.

Do you purchase your watch from online stores? There are numerous internet based stores that sell watches. We opened a site selling watches. This {website| We visit the website} to check assuming it is protected to purchase watches from this webpage. The region we are discussing is viewed as broad. It is picking up speed now in the US. For additional accounts, look at Is Broaded Trick and Genuine.

Check if this site is legitimate

To ensure that the website is legitimate, legitimate aspects must be considered. Let’s explore these questions below: Confirm the need for follow-up.

  • Age Domain – Setup is new, created on August 23, 2022.
  • Expiry date – The website may expire from 23.8.2023.
  • Content quality – USA. in the corresponding section, 57 producers.
  • All terms and conditions are listed on the Terms and Conditions website.
  • Address validation – no address on the page.
  • Information Proprietary Information that I have not provided.
  • Reliability checks and critical tests find that the reliability index is zero, 0, but that is not a good idea.
  • The confidence scores on the Confidence Score website were retrieved in just twenty seconds, this is the average score.
  • Customer reviews – There are no customer reviews on this page.
  • Discount There is no discount code on their website.
  • Social Media Platform – Not one social media platform.

A brief introduction to the Broad website

The site was launched in the past few days. This is an online store that only sells watches. They sell watches, leather watches and more. Currently only 1 release. You also need to understand that in the case of Is Broaded Scam or Legit, their working hours are very expensive compared to the latest sites. The website claims to sell quality products at reasonable prices. But the company doesn’t know who owns it and talks about dubious information.

The breakdown of the place.

  • The registration date for this domain is August 23, 2022. This date cannot be verified.
  • It periodically displays the article on the website.
  • Victims payment types PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Yankee categorically and then you repeat.
  • Order delivery can take 10-20 days for goods to be shipped.
  • Return order The return order is valid for 30 days after receipt of the product.
  • Stock exchange management is current.
  • Contact information – Contact information is not available in the address field.
  • Refund Policy: Based on the original payment method, Is Broaded Scam or Legit determines refunds within certain days.
  • Contact Email ID-
  • Contact details Another contact number cannot be entered.
  • The text of the message says the email option is available.
  • Domain Link – Follow this link to see their products.

Then I will show you the pros and cons of the site.

Benefits of networking

  • The website looks secure because HTTPS protocol is encrypted to be more secure than SSL connection.
  • The story is out there.

Weaknesses of the website

  • It seems difficult to find owner names, which begs the question: is this an elaborate scam or is it legitimate?
  • The site only posted 1 item.
  • Commodity prices are terribly high.
  • The site does not offer strong social media anywhere.
  • False contact information is and not all phone numbers are available.
  • Currently, there are no customer reviews.
  • Web-based software is not attractive.

The customer’s perspective

We search through all of the genuine and regular posts for customer reviews, but unfortunately there are no reviews. There are no glowing reviews on either site. I have seen some reviews but they are not reliable. If you are looking for a way to get your money back through the PayPal platform, consider this article to solve the problem.


According to our language, we learn that a merchant sells watches. The page was recently registered. There are no counties with any social media accounts. The information on their contact page is questionable and the trust score is also very low. However, the most important key is customer feedback. After looking at the widespread but legitimate scam reviews, we came to the conclusion that the legitimacy of the site is not guaranteed. We recommend that you remember this before doing anything. Confirm that you trust this page. Check here if you want to receive a refund for your MasterCard credit card refund.

Planning to buy from this site? Does anyone have any comments on the following situation?



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