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Is AGB Search Scam or Legit

When a prestigious university position opens, it can be very difficult to find suitable candidates. Executive search companies like AGB Search can help with this. But is AGB Search really as helpful as they claim?

In this detailed review, we share everything we found out about AGB Search after months of research. This allows you to decide for yourself whether AGB Search is a scam or real.

This is how the terms and conditions search works

AGB Search is a search firm specializing in executive recruiting for colleges, universities and other nonprofit organizations. Here’s a quick overview of how their process works:

hired by a customer

When a critical position opens up, hiring organizations often turn to staffing firms like AGB Search to find the right person. AGB works with public and private institutions of all sizes.

start search

Once hired, AGB works with the client to define the role and profile of the ideal candidate. You research organizations and industries to understand their needs. AGB develops recruitment strategies and marketing plans to attract candidates.

Selection and interviewing of candidates

AGB searches our extensive database and network to find qualified prospects. Conduct an initial phone screening and background check. Top candidates are then interviewed on site by AGB and the customer.

Recommendation for the finalist

After a thorough evaluation, AGB will recommend a select group of semi-finalists to the customer for further consideration. The customer selects the final candidates for the interview and makes the final hiring decision.

Negotiation of offers and mediation

If the offer is extended, AGB will assist in negotiating the employment package on behalf of the new employee. We offer onboarding support and transition services for the first year.

In summary, AGB Search aims to take on the heavy lifting of the search process so that client organizations can focus on their core mission. But are they really effective? Or is this just clever marketing? Let’s take a closer look.

Is AGB Search a scam or legit?

To determine whether AGB Search is legit or a scam, we evaluated it based on the following criteria:


AGB Search has been conducting executive searches since 1956. The company has a long track record and reputation as a top higher education search company. This shows that it is a trustworthy organization.

Qualifications and experience

AGB is affiliated with the Association of Governing Boards, a reputable non-profit organization. Your advisors have decades of experience in direct academic work. This level of expertise and credentials means legitimacy.

Customer reviews and testimonials

We found many positive customer reviews on the AGB website and other websites praising our customers’ work. No major complaints or scandals related to customer satisfaction have been identified. This is a good sign that they are keeping their promises.

Certification and club membership

AGB Search is accredited by the Global Association of Executive Search Consultants and adheres to their Code of Ethics. We are also actively involved in other industry organizations such as the Association of University Human Resources Professionals. Such membership indicates legitimacy.

Contact information and address

AGB clearly lists the company’s address, phone number, and team member profiles on its website. This open transparency makes it difficult for them to disappear as easily as many fleeting scams.

Price and fee structure

AGB specifically states that its fee structure is based on a percentage of the hired candidate’s first year compensation package. This is standard practice in the executive recruiting industry. We will not ask you to pay in advance like a scam.

Based on this detailed review, we have found no evidence that AGB Search is conducting fraudulent activities. Everything from their long-standing track record to customer reviews suggests that they offer a legitimate service to higher education customers.

Is it worth searching for terms and conditions?

Now that you’ve established that AGB Search is likely legitimate, the next question is whether the service represents good value for money

Quality of candidates

AGB’s network arguably gives them access to a larger, more skilled and diverse talent pool than most clients can assemble on their own. Strong candidates are also more likely to work with a senior recruiter.

negotiation skills

AGB advises on competitive remuneration strategies and uses comprehensive market data when negotiating proposals. This level of experience is valuable in attracting and retaining top talent.

Long term return on investment

Providing good leadership has significant long-term consequences. A lost employee can be worth much more in terms of momentum, morale and productivity than a search fee. AGB strives to minimize these risks.

While costs range from $50,000 to over $150,000 depending on the role and market, the return on investment for a successful placement often far exceeds the initial investment. Of course, not every search will find the perfect solution, but AGB’s high success rate greatly improves your chances.

Overall, for most colleges and nonprofit organizations, the value offered by AGB appears to justify the cost, especially in light of the risks associated with hiring executives. Just make sure you get multiple quotes and check customer reviews when making your decision.

Alternative search terms

If the cost of AGB executive search services is still a concern, there are several alternative options that can provide more value at a lower cost:

Internal research

Conducting a limited, targeted internal search can uncover hidden treasures and provide significant cost savings. However, this requires a lot of staff time and recruiting skills.

Regional/specialized companies

Smaller, cheaper options target niche markets, such as a single country. However, they lack the national reach and brand recognition of AGB.

Digest of the best and best vacancies

Posting jobs on leading higher education job boards gets attention, but reviewing unwanted candidates without the help of a recruiter is a time-consuming endeavor.

Alumni networks and referral sources

Good candidates can sometimes be found by developing professional and personal networks through alumni events, conferences and word of mouth, but success is not guaranteed.

Interim/Transitional Leadership

By assigning experienced interim managers to short-term contracts, key positions can be identified and explored more specifically and at lower cost than full-time employment.

So while AGB is an investment, its value proposition remains strong compared to most alternatives. Having learned the truth, I believe they live up to their reputation as an outstanding higher education executive search option. However, it is recommended to consider all options to find the best solution.

How to get the most out of working with AGB Search

If a company decides to work with AGB Search after considering all factors, here are some tips for maximum success:

Develop a detailed role description

Clearly define expectations, mission, culture and vision to attract the most strategic candidates, rather than just keep applying.

Provide in-depth institutional research

The more AGB knows about its history, programs, community and competitive landscape, the better it can attract candidates and seize the opportunity to attract top talent.

Forming a Diverse Research Committee

Include representatives from key stakeholders to gain diverse perspectives and ensure cultural competency in hiring for inclusivity and success.

Plan enough time and participation

Active input at all stages, from goal setting to interviews and final assessment, is important to ensure that AGB receives the guidance needed to achieve the best results.

Communicate regularly and provide feedback

Review meetings keep the process running smoothly and allow both parties to make course corrections as needed based on lessons learned.

Conduct strategic conversations with finalists

Have realistic expectations and understanding of the market for competitive packages that will attract the ideal candidate without overpaying.

Thanks to full cooperation with AGB Search and maintaining its openness.

Bottom line: Are the terms and conditions worth looking for?

After extensive research into AGB Search and the executive search industry, we have concluded that AGB Search provides legitimate and valuable services to most higher education institutions and non-profit organizations.

These aren’t the best solution for every budget, but their extensive experience, high success rates and focus on customizing these roles certainly make them worth considering.

The level of expertise, resources and communication that AGB brings to the executive search process is difficult for any organization to duplicate. And when it comes to the risks of important hiring decisions, you need to minimize them as much as possible.

Therefore, I believe that for most universities the potential for recruiting new leaders through AGB is greater than the initial investment. Of course, it makes sense to compare options to get the best value.

However, after considering all aspects, we believe that AGB Search is a reliable and honorable partner to solve this difficult task. Although success is not guaranteed, we provide a proven process based on extensive experience to increase your chances of a positive outcome.


Here are answers to other frequently asked questions about researching contract terms.

How long does it take to search for the General Terms and Conditions?

Most searches are completed in an average of four to six months, but some more complex sites can take up to nine months from start to finish. Factors such as time, market competition and candidate availability will influence scheduling.

Can my organization conduct partial research?

Although some companies allow a hybrid approach, AGB prefers to have full control over the research for quality and accountability. Customers can nominate candidates, but all internal processes are managed by AGB.

What happens if the candidate I place is not a good fit for me?

AGB supports your deposit and guarantees that if your deposit expires before this period, you will be charged on your next search within one year.

Can AGB represent candidates or clients?

No, AGB Search maintains a strict separation and represents clients/organizations instead of individual candidates. You are not acting as a designated contractor of an interested party.

Is there someone I can talk to for more information?

Yes, each AGB office has a dedicated customer service manager who can discuss your specific needs, provide references and answer any additional questions before you book.

How much lead time is required before the search begins?

Ideally, 6-9 months is enough time to make proper planning, but AGB can start within 3 months if necessary. The sooner the discussion starts, the more convincing the results will be.

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