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Elden Ring Tornado Area {March 2023} Should Know First

If you can’t figure out how to get to Tornado Island in Elden Ring aka Crumbling Farum Azula.

Azula, the corrupted Pharum, is one of the highlights of the Elden Ring. You may see this area mentioned in conjunction with another item or boss and wonder how to get there.

This is really where it should be at the end of the story. This is a late game zone you can access after defeating a certain boss at Giants Mountaintops.

Elden’s ring is full of surprises and will last until the end of the match! Each new area explored in the game contains many puzzles, dungeons, tombs and rich loot.

Process to go Tornado AKA Crumbling Farum on Azula Island

How to get to the tornado island in Elden Ring

1. Defeat the Fire Giant boss.

You’ll have to fight the main fire boss on top of the mountains in the giant southeastern area.

Strange boss. The last known face of the battle with the giants. The Giant Flame is a huge humanoid creature with its face on its chest at Flame Peak, the summit of Giant Mountain.

This option is not a boss. You have to defeat him to reach the Forge of Giants. The fire giant is very scary. It has acquired a very dangerous and ugly reputation.

Expect him to miss 5-10 times and if you’re not incredibly lucky fast, learn his attacks and dodges and then laugh at him as he struggles to fight back against you and your terrible magic. Don’t believe the hype. It’s easier than it looks!

2. Use the Giant Forge to get to Azula, the signer forge.

After defeating the fire giant, proceed to forge through the Great Chains. Go left to the forge and climb the high walls without falling.

Finally, he has a mercy blade called “The Giant’s Forge”. Choose the option to sit and talk to Melina. A cardinal asks you to commit a sin.

If you agree to do Cardinal Sin, it will play a sequence where it lights the tree on fire before teleporting Azula to Crooking Farm.

Melina, however, won’t help you get there if she’s engaged with the Three Fingers.

Instead, when you land in the Forge of the Giants of Grace, choose “Hear the Sound of Fire” and a new scene will play, but you’ll be sent to the location of Azula in the Crumming Forum.

Note that once you reach Azula’s Crumming Farm, you’ll be held there until you find the Mercy Site.

If you land at any grace point, you can quickly return to another point on the map.

Another warning: Be sure to collect the mysterious legendary weapon, the Bolt of Gransax, before it becomes unavailable after the battle with Malik at the end of Azula’s forum.

An alternate route to the ruins of Azula farm at the beginning of Ring of Elden

If you haven’t made it to Giant’s Peaks yet, there’s another way to go to Azula’s Crumling Farm.

The first door is near the Four Belfries in Liurnia of the Lakes, which takes you through a very small part of Azula’s Crumming Forum. But you can’t get into the rest of the place.

What’s the best way to get to Dragon Island in Elden Ring?

Dragon Island is a wonderful place in the Ring of Elden with a wealth of riches and a special altar where you can learn powerful new spells. Even though the island looks great, it is very easy to find.

It takes work and time to get there, and many players wonder what it takes to get there.

Are you one of them? Then we have the perfect guide for you. We tell you everything you need to know about a trip to the Dragon Isle in the Alden Ring.

How to get to Winged serpent Island in Elden Ring?

To get to Mythical serpent Island in the Elden Ring, first find Beauty Point in quite a while on the central area. At the point when you do this, you will get a message that says Lost Beauty Found. On the off chance that you get the Beauty Point, you will go further into the cavern.

As you go further into the cavern, you will experience various adversaries. Since this cavern is very dim, we suggest you bring a light.

At the point when you experience these adversaries, you have the decision to battle and kill them or run past them. You have a decision. In any case, significant killing beasts will give you more runes.

Subsequent to overcoming every one of the foes, you will be taken to the following cavern room. We request that you focus on a dazzling brilliant light prior to visiting this spot.

This will assist you with calling the Old Istvan Knights. This knight will assist you with keeping one of the managers occupied.

At the point when the knight is close to you, you ought to go in and quietly kill every one of the flunkies. When you move beyond them, you’ll confront two managers. Because of their skirmish assaults, these Devil Supervisors are hard to overcome. Allow the knight to utilize his details to assist you with clearing these peaks.

In the wake of overcoming the two foes, proceed to the rear of the room until you see a floating mainstay of white light. Try not to contact this support point as it will return you to the cavern entrance.

All things considered, proceed with your excursion as the night progressed. This will take you to another passage. You need to cut your direction through the foes here.

In the event that you kill these adversaries and push ahead, it will take you to the entry of Mythical serpent Island. Indeed, what you read is right! That is on the grounds that the cavern you enter toward the start is really an organization of passages that broaden right under the ocean and onto the actual island.

There is nothing more. That’s all you need to get to the legendary Serpent Island in the Ring of Elden. This seems so stupid. You also have the option to defeat dangerous enemies, you can take another secret path.


This is the main way you can get to Cyclone Island Otherwise known as Disintegrating Farum Azula and Mythical beast Island Elden Ring. This guide ought to help you. You can likewise learn about the trip of the Elden Ring.



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