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Brownlow Medal 2023: Latest News & Information

The 2022 Charles Brownlow Medal reading will take place on Sunday 18 September at 7.30pm AEST. The broadcast will begin at 7pm (OEST), from the Virgin Australia dock.

How to get it

  • When: Sunday, September 17th
  • Time: 7 p.m. AEST
  • Television: Channel 7
  • Stream: Watch Brownlow online here

What is the Brownlow Medal?

The Brownlow Medal is an Australian Rules Football Award presented annually to the player judged to have produced the best individual performance of the season. The award was first presented in 1924 and is named after former Victorian Football League (VFL) player and manager Charles Brownlow.

The Brownlow Medal is one of Australian rules football’s most prestigious awards. It was supported by the media and not just by a particular position on the field. The award usually goes to the Player of the Year, although there are a few exceptions.

Some of the most memorable Brownlow medal moments include Gary Ablett’s sprint show in 2007 when he won three Brownlow medals. Wayne Carey also received the most consecutive votes for the Brownlow Medal (11) from 1994 to 1996.

Where will you be watching the 2022 Brownlow Medal on TV?

Channel Seven has exclusive television rights to the Brownlow Medal. This year is no different. Following the Brownlow medal presentation and winners speeches, the announcement will take place at 7pm AEST and continue until 11.30am. AEST (AEST).

However, it can be obtained from 7mate in your region. Ask your local guide to show it. Also, unlike many other AFL events, Brownlow Countdown is not available on Fox Footy.

How many brownlow medals will there be in 2022?

The Brownlow medal is one of the most prestigious awards a player can achieve in Australian sport. The medal is awarded to the player with the best time.

Each year the Brownlow Medal voting committee consists of experts in each sport. They vote for who they think is the best player of the year. The votes are then tallied and the player with the most votes wins the prize.

The value of a Brownlow medal depends on the frequency. However, the average Brownlow medal is worth about £3 million (US$2.7 million). This makes it one of the most valuable results a player can receive in Australian sport.

How many winners have 4 or more wins?

Many footballers dream of winning a Brownlow medal, but few achieve it. Here are 10 winners with 4 or more on them!

  1. Gary Ablett Jr. – 5 times
  2. Michael Jordan – 5 times
  3. Kevin Bartlett – 4 times
  4. Alan Jones – 4 times
  5. Wayne Carey-four times
  6. Steve Waugh – 3 times
  7. Adam Gilchrist – 3 times
  8. Steven Smith – 3 times
  9. Cameron Smith – 2 hours
  10. Simon Blackley – 2 branches

3 Brownlow Medal Highlights

The Brownlow Medal is the highest honor that can be awarded to an Australian Football League (AFL) player. Awarded to the player recognized as Player of the Year.

The Brownlow Medal has been awarded to many outstanding players throughout its history, and here are the 10 best Brownlow Medal moments.

  1. Gary Ablett Sr. – 1990

Gary Ablett was an exceptional player during his time with the Geelong Cats and was also a standout for the representative side in 1990. He won the Brownlow Medal that year as the league’s best and fairest player.

  1. Leigh Matthews 1983

Leigh Matthews is one of the greatest players in AFL history and has won two Brownlow medals in his career. He first won a medal playing for Melbourne in 1983. He then won another medal in 1985 playing for the Brisbane Bears.

  1. Kevin Bartlett – 1982

Kevin Bartlett is a player who can play inside and out. He won the Brownlow Medal as the league’s best and fairest player, despite only playing 15 games that season.



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