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Antteoshop com Reviews {Feb 2023} Is This Site Genuine? is an online shopping portal. This site offers its products worldwide. The user interface and presentation are important, but accuracy in product presentation integration is also important.

You can find products on this website just like any other online retailer. people in U.. p. Countries need to learn more about this. After checking Antteoshop com reviews we found that the website URL has changed to Shelveedshop.

What is Anteoshop com? brings back Shelveedshop, where you can buy a variety of items. They have a wide variety of products including garden furniture, sports equipment, accessories, sports and kitchen equipment and much more. If you are looking for a variety of things in one place, this site is perfect for you. The site provides information for various countries such as U. p. in the states. The site was launched in November 2020, but because the link goes to another site, we can’t find Anteoshop com Legit or anything else. More information

Website Information:

• Website:

• Nature of Portal: An online shopping portal for home, kitchen and garden products.

• Location: none

• Email:

• Default: None

• Order cancellation: Just before shipping.

• Delivery policy: 15-20 days.

• Price Information: Changes according to the price of this product.

• Recovery: Done.

• Returns: Must be received within fourteen days of delivery.

• Change: Unknown.

• In the media: none.

• Payment methods: Paypal, credit cards (Visa, American Exchange, Master).

What are the advantages of buying from Anteoshop com?

• Diversity in the same field.

• The website is protected by HTTPS.

• Multiple financing options available.

• Free shipping over $39.99.

Do you know the disadvantages of buying from Anteoshop com?

• Anteoshop com None.

• Short term availability.

• High reliability areas.

• No social media platforms.

• Some products are not classified.

• Emails are personal, not business.

• Lost contact details and address.

• The site has been rebuilt.

Is Anteoshop for real?

As you can see, there are many flaws. Not sure if the site is legit or if it is scamming people. To solve these problems, some important things are needed for the future implementation. decide whether this site is suitable or not. Let’s get started – .

• Missing information: Phone number, address not found on the door.

• Anteoshop com Notes: Articles are not published online.

• Market Date: The start date of the market is 11.3.2020.

• Domain name:

• Inside the media: no picture on the door.

• Direct number: online form.

• Owner Information: None

• Plagiarized content: 80% of content is plagiarized.

• Confidence scores: The confidence index is terrible, only one percent.

• Brand Perception: The brand is not well known.

• Broken link: None

• Payment methods: There are many payment methods.

As we know here, a bad trust score of a website and a domain is different from a questionable number and spam in social networks, so we think that the website is not suitable.

Anteoshop com customer review:

As you can see above, this site is not on social media, so we cannot give you much information about what people say about their purchase. on this website. You may not see web listings from external sources like Trustpilot etc. not available outside the official portal.

Everyone knows that reviews are necessary to evaluate the credibility of a website. Small businesses are promoting their business on social media. It’s strange and surprising that this site doesn’t exist. When we check Is Antteoshop com Legit, we see that there are no reviews because the URL has been redirected.

Have you seen this site or Paypal scams? Check it out for more information.


The interface and presentation of the products are beautiful, but the truth also depends on the presentation of the product. We are all aware of the scams and scams that happen online every day. Bad trust score not found, domain is good for short ages, no verified website found and listings are not professional. We don’t have a list of Antteoshop com reviews because we are looking for a new website.

When we think that both are one and the same, there are many gaps and doubtful facts. These terms indicate that purchases through this website are not secure. As previously mentioned, we advise you to check and research carefully when purchasing from this website. So we think Antteoshop com is suspicious.

Have you purchased anything from this site? Tell us in the comment box.



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