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The 4 Top Teas to Begin Your Morning With

Your morning tea can turn an average day into a great one. Whether you’re looking for tea to help you wake up in the morning or a great drink, the benefits of tea have something for everyone. But deciding which tea to use in your morning cup can be difficult with so many options.

Some people believe that all paths are equal and offer the same benefits. They drink tea which does not give them the desired results. For example, you may subconsciously choose to drink herbal tea instead of caffeinated tea.

4 best ways to start your morning

In this article, we will talk about how to choose the right tea for your morning. Read on to learn how to start your day right.

1. Black tea

If you eat breakfast in the morning but don’t drink coffee, black tea is good for your morning cup. Black tea is one of the strong caffeinated teas. In addition, the unique taste of black tea and the taste of its milk are very effective.

The most popular black teas are Earl Gray and English breakfast tea. Yarra Valley Impex has these quality teas from Ceylon tea leaves.

2. Green tea

If you’re still looking for caffeinated tea, green tea is another good option. Green tea has the lowest caffeine content, especially compared to black tea. They also have the benefit of helping increase your body’s fat burning, which means they’re perfect for a pre-workout drink.

This is great if you want the benefits of less energy. You can also enhance the flavor of your green tea with fresh lemon, but they are good on their own.

3. Oolong tea

Oolong tea and green tea contain the same amount of caffeine. In addition, a cup of tea increases the metabolism. It is also refreshing, one of the best teas to wake up in the morning.

Many tea drinkers like oolong tea can help with high cholesterol and digestive problems. So you can enjoy these health benefits while helping you focus throughout the day.

4. Hibiscus tea

Australian hibiscus tea is a caffeine-free drink with many health benefits. Full of antioxidants and vitamin C, this drink is a great way to boost your immune system and reduce high cholesterol. It is a delicious weight loss drink that can be enjoyed hot or iced. To make it even better, hibiscus flowers can be dried and made into a tea

Advantages on the road

Whether you choose black tea or white tea leaves, you will reap the benefits of tea, such as improving heart health and increasing daily energy levels. It’s a great substitute for coffee, especially if you’re trying to cut back on caffeine.

If you want to lose weight, drinking tea can improve your body’s ability to burn fat. This is due to the fact that tea is low in calories, as well as amino acids in tea, like green tea.

Find the right tea for your morning cup

Going through the process of sampling different teas will help you find the right one for you. If you are trying to kick your coffee addiction, drink black tea. If you want a smooth shot in the morning, choose oolong or green tea.

But maybe you don’t like caffeine, then consider rooibos tea. Whichever tea you choose for your morning cup, you’ll be ready to enjoy all the benefits of tea.



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